Mesomap of Western Canada Weather Network Stations

 Temperature   Dew Point   Humidity   Wind Direction and Speed/Gust   Rain Today   Pressure and Trend   Current Condition   Name of the town 

16.3 °C DP 6.4 °C 52 % Wind from SSWSSW  8 G 5 kph 0.0 mm 1007.9 hPaSteady Overcast Overcast Calgary

13.3 °C DP 10.9 °C 85 % Wind from ENEENE  0 kph 0.3 mm 1010.9 hPaSteady Dry Dry Hanna

16.4 °C DP 12.0 °C 75 % Wind from NN  3 G 3 kph 0.0 mm 1019.6 hPaSteady Cloudy2 Cloudy2 Abbotsford

17.1 °C DP 12.0 °C 72 % Wind from WW  6 G 6 kph 0.0 mm 1018.2 hPaSteady Cloudy2 Cloudy2 Duncan

17.9 °C DP 4.8 °C 42 % Wind from NNENNE  0 G 8 kph 0.0 mm 1015.8 hPaSteady Metar CYLW: Few Clouds Few Clouds Kelowna

6.2 °C DP 4.6 °C 90 % Wind from SWSW  1 kph 9.1 mm 1016.0 hPaRising Slowly Dry Dry Whitehorse

Conditions data shown was collected
from Wed, 25-May-2016 10:40:38 MDT to Wed, 25-May-2016 10:41:02 MDT

The Western Canada Weather Network is an affiliation of personal weather Websites located in British Columbia or Alberta, Canada. is proud to be a member of the WCWN network.
Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.

Member stations of the Western Canada Weather Network

as of Thu, 28-Jan-2016 22:01:35 MST

Calgary: 16.3°C, DP 6.4°C, 52%, SSW 8 G 5 kph, Rain: 0.0mm, Pressure: 1007.9hPa Steady, Overcast Hanna: 13.3°C, DP 10.9°C, 85%, ENE 0 kph, Rain: 0.3mm, Pressure: 1010.9hPa Steady, Dry Abbotsford: 16.4°C, DP 12.0°C, 75%, N 3 G 3 kph, Rain: 0.0mm, Pressure: 1019.6hPa Steady, Cloudy2 Duncan: 17.1°C, DP 12.0°C, 72%, W 6 G 6 kph, Rain: 0.0mm, Pressure: 1018.2hPa Steady, Cloudy2 Kelowna: 17.9°C, DP 4.8°C, 42%, NNE 0 G 8 kph, Rain: 0.0mm, Pressure: 1015.8hPa Steady, Metar CYLW: Few Clouds Whitehorse: 6.2°C, DP 4.6°C, 90%, SW 1 kph, Rain: 9.1mm, Pressure: 1016.0hPa Rising Slowly, Dry

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Dew Point
Trend Last
Alberta Calgary Overcast 16.3 6.4 52 SSW Wind from SSW 8 5 0.0
Steady 10:40:58
Alberta Hanna Dry 13.3 10.9 85 ENE Wind from ENE 0 0 0.3
Steady 10:40:38
British Columbia Abbotsford Cloudy2 16.4 12.0 75 Wind from N 3 3 0.0
Steady 10:40:58
British Columbia Duncan Cloudy2 17.1 12.0 72 Wind from W 6 6 0.0
Steady 10:40:53
British Columbia Kelowna Metar CYLW: Few Clouds 17.9 4.8 42 NNE Wind from NNE 0 8 0.0
Steady 10:41:02
Yukon Territories Whitehorse Dry 6.2 4.6 90 SW Wind from SW 1 0 9.1
1016.0Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly 10:40:42



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